How to Sell Ebooks: 5 Proven Tips

The possibility to sell #ebooks as an independent author is easier than ever before. In some ways, a cult-like following has developed for #self-published ebooks among cost-conscious readers and techno-geeks. If you want to join the fray and sell ebooks to a wider audience, use these five #feiyr tips to market like a pro.

Sell Ebooks Tip #1 – Give it away for free

One of the best ways to promote your ebook as a new author is by giving away your ebook for free for a limited time. Free is the quickest way to generate word of mouth, which is essential to success. This tip allows you to test your material with readers without losing your shirt financially if you fail.  According to Seth Godin, you should give your book away for free and to 20 friends. If that’s the end, you’re no good author but if those 20 send it to 20 more, you will have 400 readers, and so on. If you could have 1000 readers for your book, many people will help your with your next one.

Sell Ebooks Tip #2 – The price is right

A large percentage of people who read e-books are extremely price sensitive. Amazon created a trend in the minds of many readers. Thus, many independent authors picked up on this trend and now use low pricing as a way to get readers to take a chance on their new book. For example, Darcie Chan, author of The New York Times best-selling novel, The Mill River Recluse, used low prices to gain her audience. Not only did people read this novel, they gave reviews and spread an electronic wildfire. Within 4 months, she sold thousand copies a day.

Sell Ebooks Tip #3 – Partner with e-book blogs

E-book junkies are a tight-knit tribe who possess a powerful communication network. Everyone knows where to go for information. There are numerous blogs, websites, newsletters, and social media pages about e-books. Getting your e-book mentioned on these websites can help generate a lot of downloads. For instance, Kindle Nation offers author sponsorship opportunities to promote your book for $99 to $400.

Ereader News Today:
Inspired Reads:
Kindle Reader:

Sell Ebooks Tip #4 – Pursue paid book reviews

Besides book mentions and paid advertising, independent authors can pursue literary reviews of their work for a fee. These review sites can help provide a level of legitimacy to an unknown author. Consider the following organizations if you’d like to pursue a paid review:

Kirkus Reviews: Review fees cost from $425 to $575 or BookRooster: Review fees start at $67.

Sell Ebooks Tip #5 – Subsidize your writing costs with a sponsor

Taking the time to write a book can work against your ability to make a living. If that is the case, consider getting a sponsor for your ebook. In return, you agree to give the sponsor some free advertising space or perform promotional activities on their behalf. Popular services in this arena include Kickstarter and PubSlush.

The opportunities to publish and sell ebooks are unprecedented, but the fundamentals remain the same. You must write a great book. Ebooks allow you to accomplish this task faster than ever before. Start small, use a low-cost pricing, connect with the ebook community to grow, find a sponsor, and watch as the world downloads your message like wildfire.

EBook self publishing: 2. Indiebookday

On 22. March, the first Saturday after the Leipzig Bookfair, the second Indiebookday takes place.
On that day, booksellers and eBook self publishing houses are called to launch events, while readers are requested to buy books from independent publishers or Indie authors.

How the Indiebookday came into being:
Through an action on the internet, with which users were called to post their purchase under #indiebookday, the Indibookday occured following the example of the “Record Store Days”.
Even in the first year there were a lot of reactions, plenty of users posted a picture, booksellers had special offers, for example readings and price campaigns.

Throught this action, eBook self publishing is supported, which not only pleases the organisers.
Learn more about publishing your own eBook.

Publishing eBooks: Ebooks become even more popular

Read whenever and wherever you want – more and more often, people prefer buying the eBook version of a book, thus, publishing eBooks is absolutely profitable. Furthermore, eBooks are most of the times a bit cheaper than the printed versions.

The eBook charts at CHIP Online keep you up-to-date about the latest best sellers. So, who thinks about publishing eBooks can read up on the most popular genres.

You can buy these best sellers at the so called CHIP Kiosk. It keeps many different genres, 24 hours per day.

Publishing eBooks yourself? Find out more here.

Book prices get higher and higher

The German Federal Statistical Office (Statistische Bundesamt) announced, that the book prices have increased considerably in November. The consumer prices increased by 1.3 % compared to November one year ago.

So, the prices got considerably higher, as the annual rate of growth was only 1.1 percent in October this year. Since February 2012 the book prices have been increasing month by month and the consumer price index has the highest stand for a long time. The investigations of the Federal Statistical Office refer to the bestsellers on the German market.

The prices for newspapers and magazines rose also by 4.5 % compared with the year before, for other print products by 3.5 %.

eBook Marketing

Because of this high rise in prices of print products, many customers prefer ebooks, which they can also sell online.



Feiyr Distribution

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Feiyr Distribution – The Movie

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  • Delivery status by portals
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Ebook Marketing: Great success for Tolino Shine

For several weeks, the eBook Reader Tolino Shine is bestseller in many online stores. According to a press release from Carel Halff, director of Weltbild, more than 100,000 eBook Readers have been sold so far.  So, the biggest competitor of Amazon is even more important for self publishers who want to publish ebooks.

Publish ebooks: Read on Tablets

Halff also announced that their new Tolino Tablets have wonderful sales, because this tablet is not only suitable for ebook readers but also for users of multimedia content. Especially the popular Android operating system makes this tablet so interesting.

There are also good news about the printed book, around 42% of Germans want to give away books. Not only books from large publishing houses are popular, but also works of self publishers who sell books online.

eBook self publishing

Sell eBooks: Course in Mayence (Mainz)

On 23. November, a course with the subject “eBook self publishing” will be taking place at the Erbacher Hof.
The host, Literaturbüro e. V., amongst others  invited the publisher of – Wolfgang Tischer – as lecturer.

EBook self publishing and eBook promotion:

The tutorial is intended for experienced authors, as well as forbeginners and deals with the subjects:

  • eBook self publishing
  • distribution channels for eBooks
  • legal / technical matters
  • Write eBooks: Informations sources

This year, the focus is on eBook promotion, which differs considerably from the marketing of printed versions.

Selling eBooks: Legal changes

In line with the expert congress for media law in Munich, new regulations for selling eBooks will be discussed, as the latter are getting more extensive.
Issues like image rights, copyright and eBook price campaigns will be debated.


eBook commercialisation:
In the field of images, the panorama images liberty and the use of master illustrations from public institutions are scrutinised. Furthermore, the participants
will talk over the use of recessions for spot announcements and the, for eBook commercialisation very important, price campaigns.
The consultants will be, among others, members of the German book trade association and the legal department of the Börsenverein.


We are very excited which changes in the eBook comercialisation will approach the self-publishers.

Publishing ebooks, Lower eBook Prices

On 2. November 2013 the 3. eBook Barcamp took place at the Maker Hub in Hamburg , this is a convention from and for eBook-Makers.

Publishing ebooks:

This year, about 100 publisher contributors, booksellers and servrice providers took part in the voluntary organised Barcamp. Rowohlt Publishing was reckoned as main sponsor, however “Die ZEIT” also advised as sponsor with big bags and other free gifts. Besides so called “Tablesessions”, the introduction of some publishers new eBook programmes , for example Oetingers “Tiger Create”, was important.

Publishing ebooks mit feiyr

Publishing ebooks mit feiyr















The main theme though was the eBook pricing. As publishing eBooks gets more and more complex, it becomes more and more apparent that the eBook has to become a very own form of publication, it has to resolve from the printed book both in the point of Workflow and the rhythm of monetarisation. As well therefore the eBook prices have to be constructed in another way as the prices for printed editions. Price campaigns and lower eBook prices bring the desired marketing and sales figures on a market with cost-free and 99 cent Apps. Price campaigns, which on subscription basis are accordable with a controlled price, in many cases later on lead to higher demands. When publishing eBooks it is always important to keep up to date, the same applies to your eBook prices.

Here you can get an impression of the actual eBook prices in some of the biggest shops:
Feiyr eBook partners

So in the end, less sometimes is more, especially with eBook prices.

How do i sell eBooks online?

Sell eBooks – You may have a bestseller on your hands

Let feiyr help you bring your ebook to over 165 eBook stores worldwide. Publish your eBook and start selling them online, you can select hundreds of professional online stores.

It’s not easy to find a big eBook publisher who is willing to publish your novel, but why leave your writing career in the hands of others when you can publish and sell your eBook yourself. What about publishing your book in electronic form, as an eBook? In principal you produce it in the same way you would do with a printed book, but without paper and printing.


Sell your eBooks online with

Sell your eBooks online with








Well, we would like to introduce you a website to start your career as a published eBook author whith. Feiyr is a website where you can sign up to sell your ebooks. Most of the sites have no sign up fees and the majority of sales will go to you. If you’re unsure on how to convert your ‘great idea’ into an ebook , feiyr will even handle that for you.